What I Do 

I Have Noticed That Often The Best Way I Can Help My Clients Is Not By Explaining Difficult Legal Theories, But Simply Making A Distinction Between Real And Imaginary Problems, And Concentrate On Solving The Real Ones. 

I Will Assist You With Company Law, Transaction Advice And Provide Compliance And Regulatory Advice. 

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Company Law


I Have A Strong Background In The Entire Field Of Company Law, Commencing With Incorporation, Corporate Governance, Increases And Decreases In Share Capital, Restructuring, Including Cross-Border Mergers, And Extending To Liquidations And Insolvency Risk Management. 


My Experience Also Includes Assistance On Various Essential Business Contracts With Credit Institutions And Other Significant Cooperation Partners, Including Negotiations With Creditors In Distressed Companies And Distressed Asset Management.

Transaction Advisory


I Have Significant Experience In Advising Many Clients On Mergers And Acquisitions, The Structuring Of Transactions, Including Drafting Of Related Agreements, Providing Due Diligence For Vendors And Buyers, And Assisting Throughout Negotiations And Process Management To Get To The Signing, And Most Importantly, The Closure Of The Transaction.


I Believe That To Get Through All These Phases Successfully Strong Project Management Skills Are Vital, Along With Drafting Of Documents And Identifying The Risks That Need To Be Covered. 



I Understand The Value Of Maintaining A Dialogue With Various Regulators (The Consumer Protection Centre, Public Utilities Commission, Media Council, State Revenue Service, State Environment Service, Etc.), Including The Introduction Of Various Internal Compliance Policies, Such As Personal Data Protection Regulations, Whistleblowing Mechanisms, Etc.


Experienced In Representing Clients At All Levels Of Decision-Making Institutions, Including At Ministries And Parliamentary Commissions In Various Industries.